07 August 2009

Speak Up on Pax Rights

So you want to have your voice heard on passenger rights and the proposed passenger bill of rights - well now is your chance:

Passenger Rights Stakeholder Hearing: Examining a Market Failure?

Presented by AirPassengerSafety.org

September 22, 2009 - Washington, DC

On Tuesday morning, September 22, 2009 consumer groups and travel industry organizations will conduct a Stakeholder Hearing in the Hart Senate Office Building regarding airline passenger rights. The purpose of the hearing is to examine passenger safety-related problems such as extended ground delays. Desired outcomes from the hearing include a better understanding of passenger safety problems; best practices from the EU in the area of passenger protections; and the potential efficacy of proposed Congressional solutions. Experts representing all sides in this debate have been invited to participate in this hearing.

The meeting is free (provided you can get there) but you must register. I hope that this is broadcast as a webinar and streamed out on the web.

Go here to register:



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