22 December 2009

Not A Great Day For AA/OneWorld

All humour aside, OneWorld received two bits of bad news yesterday.

Firstly from Asia came the news that the Japanese Government is unlikely to provide a full bailout for JAL. JAL's stock in recent days has risen on reports that Delta has won the dance card of the old lady JAL.

Then today the US Dept. Of Justice nixed the BAAABI (BA, AA, Iberia) Alliance. However this is last one may not be that bad. The DoJ also tried to nix the CO/Star Alliance partnership. The DoT is the ruling authority in the case. They could well do the same and rule in American's favour.

Finally our hope is that the injuries sustained in the accident to AA 331 are minimal - so far there are reports of injuries but no fatalities. The aircraft (Boeing 737-800) whose route was DCA-MIA-KIN, broke in three pieces after a landing overrun tonight in what was pretty foul weather. So far 40 injuries have been reported and 3 possibly serious. The aircraft has been reported to be one of the older 738s in AA's fleet.


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