25 January 2010

EzRez Dumps CEO Fitch

Despite some high profile wins of AA Vacations, Delta Skymiles and United Mileage Plus in recent years - things are not necessarily going well at EzRez the Online Travel Technology supplier now based in California.

Tina Fitch who has helmed the company for several years has been ousted and Karen Vergura - has been named Interim CEO while retaining as Vice President, the Finance portfolio. With venture capital funding to the tune of $15 million raised in 2007 one can only assume that things are not going well for the company to cause a change in leadership.

In conjunction with the 2007 funding, Canaan General Partner John Balen and Azure Capital Partners' founder Cameron Lester joined the EzRez Board of Directors. At the same time the company relocated from Honolulu to the Bay Area. Veteran GDS and Travel Industry figure Kathy Misunas also sits on the Board at EzRez.


Anonymous said...

This was long coming... Ezrez started loosing clients and was kept as a secret! From virgin blue to jet star and recently westjet

Professor Sabena said...

I received an anon comment which I have rejected on this post.

I am happy to allow comments which are not disparaging to individuals in a way that might be bad. You can impune their performance but not there characters.