11 January 2010

In Case You Missed - US Opinion on Scanners

So which do you prefer - the pat down or the body scanner?

The overwhelming percentage of people according to a USA Today/Gallup poll believe that a Body Scanner is appropriate. When asked for the preference between Body Scanners and Pat Downs - there is again no contest.

To read the paper's story go here. I urge you to read the comments - they are coming fast and furious.

The poll was based on people who have flown at least 2x in last year.

So perhaps we can now put this debate to bed and concentrate on fixing what is clearly broken.

The Republicans are likely to hold up candidate TSA Administrator Souther. So the Obama Administration needs to get another candidate and press for resolution of the leadership of the front line of security defense. Security is not a political football. We need leadership and decisions now to improve the security that in my view is systemically broken in the USA.

Last week in my first trip of the year - I watched the spot check pat down by the TSA at a gate. I was not singled out but others were. Frankly the issue of profiling by race alone cannot work but other forms of profiling can and should be deployed. And yes - people should be subject to a clothing search if there is the potential for such an act.

Pat downs alone are not adequate clearly!

Yours in fear..............

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