15 January 2010

JAL To Ditch 747 Fleet and 1/3 Work Force

In the restructuring plan - JAL plans to drop it gas guzzlers and focus on a much smaller fleet. Dropping 37 (current numbers) of the 4 engine planes. At one stage JAL operated the world's largest 747 fleet.

As noted I believe they will also drop the A300s left over from JAS but that has not yet been confirmed

They now have a noted leader in Dr. Kazuo Inamori. He founded Kyocera, DDI (now KDDI) His website also lists his founding of numerous other enterprises, and he established the Inamori Foundation and created the Kyoto Prize, a prestigious international award. He also serves as president of Seiwajyuku, a business leadership association dedicated to nurturing business owners and entrepreneurs. This website introduces Kazuo Inamori and his wide range of ongoing activities.

He is well known both inside Japan and outside.

He now has the task of restructuring the national icon. He will carry the necessary support of the Government and of course his prestige will be very important in order to effect the level of changes necessary.

Things are looking good for the program - however the battle for the international partnership remains an undecided element. With the old CEO Haruka Nishimatsu gracefully bowing out the deal will be re-evaluated.

The OneWorld alliance has sweetened the pot now valued at up to $2billion and at last Qantas and CX have joined AA and BA. However the numbers do not look good for OneWorld. The benefits of a DL/Skyteam alliance far outweigh in traffic terms the value of the OneWorlders in my opinion.

With the contentious issue of the pensions out the way and the banks in line - the way is now paved for a smooth court arranged administration trip through bankruptcy.

So down to the wire, but it is looking much healthier for a leaner JAL. Will it be smarter? Let's see and hope it happens.


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