07 February 2010

BA vs FR and U2

The January Traffic numbers are in and the numbers are impressive.

Ryanair is now officially more than twice the passenger size of BA. Easyjet is nearly than 50% larger in terms of number of passengers carried. Both of the LCCs are generating better yields than the former national carrier.

So here are the comparisons in January:

Ryanair 4.44m passengers , up 9% year-on-year, Load factor 70%
easyJet, 3.14m passengers up 10.7% Load factor 79.3%,
British Airways, 2.14m passengers dropped 8. Load factor 74.2%.

No need to speculate on the financial impact of these numbers.

However this does indicate that the hybrid model is gaining traction. It will be interesting to see how well FR's numbers look this quarter in comparison to U2.


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