20 February 2010

Bad Service In the Travel Industry

I try to go and visit the ATM - Arabian Travel Mart - every year. My team has done quite a lot of work over the years in the Gulf States (GCC). One of the Leading trade shows is ATM. It is run by Reed Exhibitions who also handle the World Travel Mart in London.

Between the two of them - I have had a relationship with Reed for - well more than 20 years. It somewhat irks me that EVERY YEAR I have to re-register with them. You would think by now they would know who I was (OK no snickers here please). Especially when Reed is off touting their credentials for Social Media.

So this year when it came time to register - I duly received my invitation to register early.

GREAT - they finally got it this year. Even a reasonable facsimile of my name!

I click on the email link... disappointment.

"Your Session has expired" What??? I didn't have a session yet how could it expire?

OK so rather than just abandoning things I thought OK its a simple bug - I hope they have not sent this email to 50,000 people and everyone gets the same response.

So let me tell the webmaster - he will fix things. Right? WRONG!

Here is the error:

: does not like recipient.
Remote host said: 550 sorry, no mailbox here by that name. (#5.7.17)
Giving up on

So moral of the story. If you are in our business then perhaps you should be sure to make things work.

I am sure that we are all guilty of doing silly things but this is a pretty major site and it needs to get fixed.

I hope they remember me after this rant


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