31 March 2010

jetBlue Completes Migration To Legacy Carrier

In the recent years - airlines have fallen in love with the Low Cost Carrier model - LCC. But more recently as the strictures of the model start to constrain the growth of the business - the startup LCCs are started to adopt more hybrid like characteristics. At the same time the legacy full service network airlines have adopted many of the LCC characteristics. This dual trend - big airlines becoming hybrid and LCCs becoming hybrid has now passed a formal milestone. The first LCC to become a full service legacy carrier.

Welcome to the old boy club JetBlue.

In the past 3 years jetBlue has undergone a radical transformation. Here are some of the things it now does:

1. Participates in ARC
2. Participates in GDSs
3. Interlines
4. Hosted in Sabre
5. Is partially owned by LH

Etc etc

So as you can now see - jetBlue has become a full service network carrier just like all the others. Voila - completing its transition.

Seems like the LCCs are the dying breed despite their greater profitability.

Hmmm food for thought.


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