24 April 2010

What Does Google Really Want From ITA?

So speculating on why Google wants ITA software ranges from the good to the bizarre.

The usual candidates are its Search Business, its software and its expertise. But I have another idea. In addition to the above - how about it wants to become a huge player in the overall travel space and can do that with the significant library of ITA's Patents

Let me list a two of them...

The Needlebase Patent - United States Patent 7668740

Fare Construction Patent US Patent 6263323

I wont spoil your fun by listing them all - but there are a lot of them. The categories range from payment to user interface to shopping as well as the obvious. And these are but a few. You can be darn sure that right now there are a bunch of lawyers pouring over these little gems.

And there are a whole lot more being filed and in the works.

Think about it.

If you are in the business of travel - perhaps you should be afraid now. If high priced Google patent pit bull attack lawyers get a hold of these - those of us in Travel Technology will have a very miserable life.

Scary?... Yup - now you see why that $1 billion number is not that bad.


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