29 May 2010

Bad Google?

Google is part of our everyday life whether we like it or not.

Actually I really like their stuff. I have GMAIL accounts and use GoogleMaps. I think Google Earth is very cool. I love Picassa.

There are some things about Google that makes me nervous. The Do No Evil thing is a bit long in the tooth and patently not true any more. Whether accidental it was a fine ethic to aspire to but really doesn't work.


Let's just ask Lauren Rosenberg. She is suing Google for getting hit while using their product Google Maps.

Here is the full story and you have to read it all. What is interesting is that the interaction with GoogleMaps and Blackberry may be core to the case. And this has my attention. If Google does start offering services that are ubiquitous and doesn't give the right level of service or more importantly doesn't exert enough care to ensure its product is used properly - then it can do bad.

I shudder to think what will happen to consumer software if the hapless Ms Rosenberg prevails in her lawsuit. even worse - and we don't know this for sure - but a swift search of Bing tells me that there is a Ms Rosenberg with the same name who runs a PR agency in Santa Monica California... ooops not good for Moose either.

But let us keep an eye on this - it will likely impact us all.


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