25 May 2010

More on Flight 3407 - PBS Frontline Program

I was channel flipping this evening - I am recovering from a cold and not at my very best - when I came across a re-broadcast of the Frontline Documentary on CO3407.

Here is the link - http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/flyingcheap/view/?utm_campaign=viewpage&utm_medium=grid&utm_source=grid

I am not sure if viewers outside the USA will be able to see the program due to copyright laws. But it is a reasonable presentation of the data albeit with a one sided slant that you would expect. Still the issues are real and the viewer can draw their own conclusions.

I recommend that everyone should spend as much time learning about the issue and then doing our respective part to address the fundementals of the problem that the ATW article June 2010 so clearly lays out.



starviego said...

The 'pilot error' conclusion is bunk. Here's my interpretation:


Professor Sabena said...

As the writer of this blog I try to be objective. The position put forward as an alternative theory for the Crash of Flight CO3407 is plausible. However the official investigation and the Frontline investigation do not put these points into the context as causes.

Therefore read with all due caution.