31 May 2010


In case you missed it and as a special service to the whole of mankind - I am publicizing that today is International Quit Facebook Day. The Cringe had a bit to say about this.

And if you want to know HOW to do it go here.

While I don't actually advocate total withdrawal - let's face it what else do we have - MySpace, Friendster oh heck - how about human personal interaction... NAAAAA why would we do that!

So if you think that Facebook done you wrong - and actually I do agree that Facebook has been pretty loose with our privacy, (Here are Facebook's Privacy Terms) then perhaps you should consider curtailing how much data and how much usage of the site.

If you read the terms and conditions, there is one statement that basically is their catch all for their behavior. It reads like this:

"If we fail to enforce any of this Statement, it will not be considered a waiver."

Which basically means (if you are cynical like me) if they don't enforce it - its OK unless they get caught.... Remember it's just a statement so the waiver basically doesn't mean anything.

I was speaking to some University Graduates this weekend and they ALL know about the renaming dodge trick (rename your Facebook pages so that your past indiscretions such as Pole/Vomit dancing and various other nefarious activities are allegedly removed. Just so you know the ids on the photos still retain their original names and yes you can be found. Oh and one more thing - if your name appeared in a search result from Facebook - it is indexed somewhere and yes that Pole thingie picture of you will be out there.............F O R E V E R !!!

Cheers and have a nice happy day....

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