11 June 2010

EasyJet Leases 757s

Under the category of curious - U2 is leasing from several operators, aircraft that are not normally in their fleet. To be specific 2 757s and a 767. The latter wont be painted but here is a pic of the newly minted 757 in full U2 colors it will be wet leased from Air Finland. The second plane is coming from Astreus. The unpainted 767 will be from Titan. All 3 aircraft are being operated on long haul routes replacing the A321s that U2 is returning to lessors after their acquisition from the purchase of GB Air. Apparently they will be parted out by Airbus. Which seems to be strange unless you are trying to keep up the prices of your new A321s. They have to pay for the A380s somehow.


(c) Photo Keith Wignall

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