30 July 2010

ARC Data Shows Continued Slowing/Flat Growth

After the initial surge in bookings in the early months Jan till March, the US market appears to be stagnating. The Y/Y growth has slowed and actually in 2 of the 3 months declined. Much of this can be attributed to the activity of 2009. Check out ARC's data (you have to register).

But one thing is for sure, That capacity growth sure is not happening and the airlines are maintaining some significant control.

Will corporate travel come back in September... certainly I am anticipating a bump in traffic to occur from the business side. So too are the airlines it would seam. This time last year - according to my activity counter - we were deluged with offers from all airlines for Q3 deals. So far this time round, there is a significant quiet and lack of promos coming from the US airlines for the 3rd Quarter.


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