12 July 2010

"Who Do You Love?" Or Trust...

That old Bo Diddly song was stuck in my head the other day. Actually the Geoerge Thorogood version. And I have been thinking more and more about the essence of Trust. It just amazes me in Travel how much consumers are expected to trust and are constantly let down.

And then I read two stories from emarketer. Both related to Trust. The first one related to consumers perspectives with regard to trusting Facebook. Interestingly they were more concerned with the commercialization than the abuse of their personal data.

The second item from the same day by emarketer was on the acceptance of mobile marketing messages. Today we are bombarded with the "year of the mobile" messages from interested parties. Yet the first truly mobile commerce generate - the Millenials are none to happy about being marketed/spammed via their mobile devices.

This doesn't bode well for people expecting to make squillions of dollars by sending messages (unsolicited) to mobiles - smart or dumb.

So dear friends - think very carefully about what you are doing before you go down that path...


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