22 August 2010

CheapFlights. Only 50P plus Taxes and... ...More on Ancillaries plus a little humour!

Charlie Leocha in his newsletter today has a survey. He calls it "The Annoying Fee Survey."

I am sorry that Charlie has taken this position because I think he is doing a disservice to the cause of those who want transparency in fees. Of course fees are annoying to a consumer - DUH!

But ask a different question - would you accept fees to be able to choose what you want when you want it - then - hell yes - I would be happy with that. Transparency of pricing IS a good thing. If we can get the right level of detail and a way to display that would be great.

BUT - let's just consider another product category. Cars. In car advertising what is or is not included?

Do you know the off - the showroom price? Never.
Are taxes and destination charges included? Never.
Are all the options displayed in each ad? Never.

So here is a very amusing look at airlines. I am grateful to Professor Eric in BKK for sending me this link.

I will not give anything away except, you can guess which airline is actually the one causing these fine ladies all the grief. And yes they still fly the route - except the airport is not called Tralee but Kerry.


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