09 August 2010

Is Google Intentionally Evil, Forgetful, Careless or Just Plain Lazy?

With the news today that Google was killing WAVE - its second major kill of a product/project in 60 days - Nexus One was the other - one has to start to think of Google as being less than altruistic.

In Google's Philosophy its famous ten things, number 6 always sits in front of me.

6. You can make money without doing evil.

Somehow I have a hard time with thinking that this statement has become increasingly hollow. It seems that every time it strays from number 2 it gets a bloody nose.

2. It's best to do one thing really, really well.

I was chatting with a friend of mine who was a rabid anti-Redmondian. He adopted almost everything Google did. Google docs, Android, etc etc. Just lately he has had this feeling he is being watched. I dont think he is a conspiracy theorist but he sent me this story.

He was having a private conversation with one of his family discussing a vision issue. The headline of the email exchange was as seen in the image.

The process of having Google serving up ads to me in my email is frankly abhorrent. If there was anything more unsubtle and evil - this is it. If you are OK with Google capturing all this data for just and "not evil" purposes then go ahead live that way. I am just having a hard time about it.

Google is crushing just about all before it. And now its stepping into Travel in a big way. More power to them for doing that but remember this is the company that likes to Beta and Beta and Beta...... how long exactly was Gmail in beta?

And this is from the same company who Oops I did it again, was very contrite when caught with their hands in the Wifi scanning cookie jar over StreetView.

Google has enormous capacity for good, and as we keep finding evidence thereof - evil.

Sometimes it is good to remind them that they should perhaps take a responsibility for their own actions and actually be a responsible corporate citizen and member of the planet earth.

Till someone convinces me that Google really is out for good, I will remain a tad skeptical. And for sure I am going to be watching what they do and continuing to point out their bad behaviour. And the answer to my question... answer (e) all of the above.


NOTE: This Blog was written in Blogger. The image came from Google Images and I believe the copyright belongs to Mr Myers.

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Concorde said...

Not trivilaising the potential for "evil", but Presbyopia = fear of Protestants, made me chuckle...