03 August 2010

Kicking The Crackberry Habit?

Those who know the Professor personally know how much I love my Blackberry.

I was an early adopter and am very dependent on it. It works and its marvelous in its simplicity. It is also VERY secure as the UAE has determined it doesn't like.

These days I love the email and I love the camera and of course BBM is great with my team. But JUST a little lately I have started to wonder if I am being a little out of touch by not having an iPhone or an Android machine. Actually a bunch of Crackberry users feel the same way. And its not just a few. Check out this article.

I tried a Nexus One. It was HORRID. Just awful. Sorry Google you suck. HTC's machine(s) is/are very elegant and work(s) much better but I have to say I have problems with the way the touch screen works. There is too little precision in using it for the prime reason which is email. Cool stuff is just not that interesting.

A few friends are members of the dark side - the iPhone black turtle neck groups - you know who you are.

So here are my issues before I change.

I want to avoid spending large sums of money when roaming...
I want decent functionality
I want simple and easy email and the ability to read and write
I want those nice functional applets
I want the sexy dual gesture touch screen
I want a working phone one that I can use to understand the person on the other end.
I want security of encrypted data
I want a decent web browser
I want a non-payable GPS
I want to be able to type accurately
I want a messaging system that is secure and status enabled.
I want to not have iPhone envy
I want not to have to fumble with the UX

So in looking at all the options I think I am fine with Blackberry 6 and the new device 9800 Torch.

Let me see if that works. But I am open to options. Also I am looking to replace my trusty SonyEricsson C902 which I loved as a simple fone. I am looking at the Xperia Mini.


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