03 September 2010

Personalization Loses It!

I have a story I love to tell about how personalization based on user interaction can be a bust.

I have a friend who is an absolute nut about Bonzai Trees. He buys books on Amazon on the subject all the time. He is also divorced and has a teenage daughter. He let her use his account to buy a book she desperately wanted. It was a book fan book on one of the latest Movie Stars.

Net result - now 6 years after the fact he still gets books on Cooking with several movie stars.

Let me provide another example. I love internet radio. My favorites are Rdio (sorry dont want to pay the fee so its turned off) Pandora (limited to 40 hours per month so I use them up and then move on) and LastFM. However I recently started to get a bunch of polish rock music in my mix. I didn't ask for it and constantly forbid it - but it comes back all the time.

I tracked back to when it happened and I think its because I (hearted) a French band - AIR.

Now I cannot get rid of all the Czech and Polish music - fine though I am sure it is to someone who speaks that language.


with thanks to SocialWrite for the use of the image.

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