01 September 2010

Sabre Retreating From Competing With Agents Or Could It Be Incentives Reach New Heights? Nexion 'Sale' to Tzell.

At one stage Sabre had two separate travel agent networks. Well it has just offloaded one of them. Nexion the netowrk focussed on larger agents with a more corporate focus has gone to New York Agent TZell. "Terms were not disclosed" caught my eye. So being a little curious I checked....

Interesting that this should occur now - Tzell's contract with Sabre is up next year so this could be that the sale makes several people happy. So if you are a large agency - it seems the incentives to stay with your GDS in the USA is getting pretty lucrative.

So Expedia will get Travelocity when it re-ups with Sabre for its primary US GDS!!!!
If you are a large Travelport agency - perhaps you can ask for Orbitz or GTA.

The possibilities are endless! Now there is a thought....


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