05 December 2010

Confessions of a Webaholic

I stand before you proverbially naked. I am prepared to make a full and complete confession in public.

I have sinned - I am eviil - Yes - I am a webaholic.

I have been a secret webaholic for years. I sneak peaks. Even for no apparent reason or when I have no business being on the web. Yes I am an addict.

And you know what REALLY pisses me off? Bad website User Experience.

When people ask me questions on the web - just like my use of the web - I answer the first thing that comes into my head. For me speed isn't just part of the process - SPEED IS EVERYTHING! This is just so you don't think that when I tell you stuff in surveys you wont think that I am telling you the truth. Like all Webaholics I LIE. In my humble opinion look at my behaviour don't look at my words.

And yes I am SONIC!

Don't make me think about the process - the UX has to be completely intuitive. If there are more than 5 choices on the page other than the results then I get nervous and I will choose the first one. Listen up you web designers - the first answer is the one I will go with. Even if I am wrong - I would rather get a viable answer than to have to spend all day figuring out the way you made your site SO DARN COMPLICATED.

Gerry McGovern seems to agree with me. This week he makes the point. In one paragraph he neatly sums up the problem...

"When people are on the Web they are instinctive, impatient, impulsive, in a hurry. They click on the first link that looks in any way right. They search with the minimum number of words possible. Only when they get bad search results do they add more words to the search string. I have seen tests where people preferred to get poor results quickly than invest a little more time and effort and get much better ones."

Just think about this and do me and yourself a favour. Quite with the extemporaneous crap you dump on to your website. Group things nicely. And then give me a place to get help.

If you don't then remember one thing. it is just as easy to click out of your site as to click inside your site.

Sorry got to dash - I just saw some thing bright and shiny over there....

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