07 December 2010

De-Demonizing Of Airline Fees

Most people get all riled up about airline ancillary service fees.

They hate it and much prefer the simple all in one model that has persisted for the airline ticket since - well before there were airline tickets going back to the time of Thomas Cook.

Europeans and now just about everyone else in the world are well used to paying fees for unbundled services. Indeed one or two airlines offer Fee packages - buy once use many. Examples of this are United Options and Easyjet's annual Speedy Boarding pass. So the griping (me included) is beginning to subside and the stage of acceptance is creeping in.

Some are even embracing this.

Joe Harkey the veteran MY Times columnist actually wrote an article about it this week.

Have a read here.


With Ack to Scared Monkeys for the great image.

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