30 December 2010

The Professor's 11 Resolutions

11 for 11

OK so here goes - these are my resolutions.

1. Do more for others specifically in pro bono work
2. More chill time for me
3. Lose One PED (Personal Electronic Device)
4. Master one new thing well
5. Appreciate more
6. Spend more time in USA
7. Shed personal crap - physical and meta physical - particularly paper
8. Write better
9. Catalog my plane collection
10. Find 10 old friends
11. Add at least one new country to my collection


1 comment:

Germanlearninghelp.com said...

These are some good resolutions, but what about learning another language?



Learning another language is super good for keeping the old noggin healthy.

~ Zac Sullivan, M.A. ~