02 December 2010

Should Airlines Be Forced To Provide Ancillaries Info In GDSs?

LAst night, I was at a pleasant dinner with some non-travel people.

The discussion turns around as it does to Way is Travel so complicated. this was too good an opportunity to miss. So I described the issue of the GDSs and the lobbies trying to force the Airlines to display the information in the GDS.

One of the people round the table who is involved with charities asked a question which was so fundamental - I am not sure why I didn't ask the same question myself. We were all struggling trying to find analogies. So my friend asked:

"Isn't this a bit like the newspapers and the TV and Radio stations demanding that news be transmitted via the traditional media at the same time as via the web?"... And then trying to get the FCC to legislate this?

Stunningly simple questions....


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