07 December 2010

Should Technology Define The Interaction?

I originally wanted to title this one "Does Technology Define the Dialogue." But you can appreciate the subtle changes I have made to challenge several precepts.

What troubles me are several elements about our interaction with people on the internet.

While the web can be a bit like speed dating in a dark room with no bathroom privileges there are these horrid terms and conditions that no one reads and everyone signs up to - or policies that give again huge implied consent to the website owner being able to do whatever they like with your data and the results of your interaction.

Sorry I think that is wrong. And disclaimers are just that a bunch of BS. If I don't want you to track my activity I should not be the one who has to opt out. Its my darn data and my persona you are messing with. (Are you listening Googleplex?).

However broadly lately I have been thinking that in too many cases we have let technology define the conversation not the other way round.

So my wish list for 2011 is to focus on more ways to have the consumer and user be given solutions that enable she/he to define and control the interaction.

And what is your opinion?


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