28 January 2011

Judge In Travelport vs AA Erred According TW's "Legal Briefs"

Travel Weekly USA has a column entitled Legal Briefs penned by Mark Pestronk - a veteran Travel Agent Advocacy Attorney. In the post dated Jan 27th 2011 he presents the case that the judge erred and he has an interesting conclusion that while "the case will continue, unless American files a motion for summary judgment to get the case thrown out, which will probably succeed, given the court's reasoning so far."

The mysteries of the American Legal System I find always fascinating.

If AA did file - then the case would leave so many unanswered questions that I think all of us would be disappointed.

However so far AA has not filed in this fashion and they seem focused on going through with the case.

Do read the piece - you can reach it by clicking on the link above.



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