08 January 2011

Proving The Forces Of Evil Vs The Forces Of Evil

The PR hacks are having a field day.

Lined up on the debate over the GDS vs Airline model are the PR teams working overtime to put over their respective points of view.

One of the latest tools seems to be surveys. I have railed against the bad survey questioned data coming from BTC and it seems that Chris Elliott is also suffering from the same disease.

In his weekly survey he asks a selected group of questions without the benefit of considering all the possible options.

The abuse of surveys and data are not uncommon but we really should start to inject some level of responsibility into the debate.

On Jan 7th the BBC's Radio 4's program More or Less broadcast an interesting piece on "Proofiness" However hurry as this expires on Jan 13th. Here is the extract... (The whole program is only 30 mins).


You will have noticed that we think numbers can all-too-easily be used to confuse, or to mislead. We aren't the only ones who think so. Charles Seife is a professor of journalism at New York University and author of a new book - Proofiness - which exposes what he describes as "the dark arts of mathematical deception"

Having been trained in the fine art of statistics - I do hope that we will use good data wisely and CAREFULLY.


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