03 January 2011

Survey Said ? (AA vs OWW et al)

In the ongoing saga of AA vs Orbitz et al - I thought I would check and see what the stock markets think of the battle. True there are a number of factors affecting their performance but let's take a peak anyway.

I compared - 4 stocks with the S&P500 as being representative of the total market.

OWW = Orbitz Worldwide DARK BLUE
EXPE = Expedia GREEN
PCLN = Priceline PURPLE
AMR = AMR Corp owner of American Airlines RED
S&P = Standard and Poors 500 ORANGE

I looked back 3 months to when the story first broke concerning AA's battle with Orbitz and Travelport. As you can see Expedia and Orbitz both underperformed the S&P whereas AMR (parent of AA) and Priceline both exceeded it.

You can draw what conclusions you like - I merely present this for information purposes.


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