13 February 2011

The Dark Side Of Search

I think about search a lot these days. At dinner last night with some friends who have nothing to do with Travel - I tried to explain the issue of how search engine optimization affects what they do. When I got to a web browser to illustrate it - they were shocked.

We all know that Search is both good and well not so good.

I really hate the fact that it is SO EASY to game search. The various investigations of the Googleplex demonstrate that Google has a hard time providing true and unbiased search. In deference to the boys and girls there - this is NOT easy.

But I think we should all get to understand the reality that Search is being gamed - both legally (White hat) and illegally (black hat).

Oh yes - you guessed it - who gets to decide what is legal is of course Google - our very own 21st Century version of Big Brother.

So read this article from the New York Times it is very good


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