29 March 2011

Now Will You Take Privacy Seriously?

Like many people I was appalled at the amount of personal data that companies like RapLeaf and Google has on me. But they keep doing it... and so to expose to perhaps a new audience that this is an issue - here is some interesting data.

Google Employees Drink More Mountain Dew then Microsoft Employees.

Innocuous enough. I live in Seattle and I am a former Microsoftie. Don't worry the electrodes are largely out by now. So I can understand this anecdotally.

This remarkable piece of information comes from the Rapleaf Blog. To save you the bother you can download the article here.

I have lots of friends who are MSFT and GOOG employees. I am sure most of them think this is funny... but I take this as an example of misuse of data.

You may not agree with me...

But I bet it will make some of you even in the Googleplex wince.


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