03 March 2011

When a Blogger Courts Attention - a Cautionary Tale - and a Promise.

With thanks to one of the Professors for bringing this story to my attention.

There is a Blogger who seems to have led a rather charmed life and done an incredible amount of things. At least by his own reports. The web has a way of exposing the truth. And lord knows we are all guilty of transgressions (and yes I am a sinner). But so far no one has started a blog that specifically targets me personally for something I may or may not have done. But it seems this blogger in question has done just that.

So I bring this cautionary tale to my adoring readers (you do adore me don't you! ;-) as what happens when you upset the delicate atmosphere of the Blogsphere.

The blogger in question is Flying with Fish. He has apparently transgressed so badly that he now has his own site of detractors. He has even done something so bad as to have had his Twitter account suspended (and then reinstated).

I bring this to the Professor's readers so that we can know that when you do something that other people don't like for what ever reason then you had better be prepared to accept the consequences. Social Media has some really great attributes but it is still the wild west. Journalistic ethics are often ignored and never enforced. in my view one must be careful as to what you say and how you express it.

This blog is about opinion. I cover a narrow area related to Aviation Travel and Tourism. Note that I also write for other sites and have to conform to their principles and guidelines. Everyone should always try and stick to the moral high ground. Spelling and Grammar may occasionally be off the mark - and for that I will apologize.

But let us all do what is the right thing. We need to stick to being good and doing no evil and decidedly not to target others for our own personal gain or profit. Dear Reader know that I will try and do that and continue to bring the thousands of you who read this blog the best that I can. On that you have my word.



Anonymous said...

I beg to differ slightly over symantics. It's not that the blogger in question is doing things "not liked." You are being kind, no fault there. He's avoided court dates, refusing to come to court to answer to people he's taken money from. He's offered advice which has been regarded by other professionals as dangerous. He's made claims advancing professional achievment without factual support. The blog is trying to bring to the floor issues relating to his professionalism, not personal tastes.

Anonymous said...

Great, here come those oh-so-trust-worthy anonymous posters, with their "FACTS."

Do yourself, and the rest of us a favor, please stay on your side of the mudslinging pit!

Professor Sabena said...

I will allow both sets of comments because this is exactly what I meant with the article. Open dialogue is what the web is about. Keep 'em coming chaps (or chapesses)


Anonymous said...

I invite you and anyone else who would like to consider for themselves what I've said to read the blog to which this kind blogger has referred. Readers can decide for themselves. Best of luck to you.

Anonymous said...

I would also point out, that Anonymous commenter number 2, complaining about Anonymous poster number 1, didn't bother to address the issues raised by our hosts original comments, but instead deflects our attention away from something easily verified with a little research.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the site if full of lots of analysis and facts supported with direct links. FishFraud is probably a journalist. Bloggers out there, be careful. The system can be self-policing if you take stretching of the truth too far. You can't un-google yourself.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Fish Fraud is a journalist because why not just publish something exposing Frischling? Unless Fish Fraud is a journalist in the travel industry and has a personal bone to pick with him and his blog.