31 March 2011

Woe Woe Thrice Times Woe - RI(P)M Playbook

For Brits and Anglophiles from the 1970s who remember the great Frankie Howerd, this line will mean something.

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

"Very clever, all those boys are, very clever boys. I think they should turn professional. They tell me now they’ve learned to put on make-up. Soon they’re going to use it on the stage!"

However for RIM and Blackberry this is no comedy. I originally thought that the RIM purchase of QNX was a masterly stroke. I was really looking forward to a brilliant Blackberry Playbook.

Looks like I will have to be waiting for a long time or not at all. The Playbook will release on April 19th without (drum roll please) A NATIVE EMAIL APPLICATION.

What are they smoking up there north of the border. I think you about about to lose me as a Crackberry addict. I may just have to go to the darkside. (Not for handheld device though - just yet). I already bought 2 Macs for the general use on my team and well looks like an iPad if I can get my hands on one will be in order.

This is bad bad bad..... RIM - delay release and fix this so that your baby is not still born.

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