29 May 2011

For this Weekend - Think Different- Think About Our Society and Happiness.

From a very personal and selfish place - I seek inspiration from a wide variety of sources. I try and talk to as many people as I can to get a sense of the world at large and of course to continue to better myself. (Excuse the use of "better" as a verb!)

I love to watch TED.com. There is a lot there. I also download podcasts from NPR - the US Public Radio Broadcasting Network.

So here is one for you. And thanks to the chaps at Travelimpact Newswire. It is a speech from Bhutanese Prime Minister Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley.

Here is for me the key pause for thought statement:

"We need to relook at what constitutes true societal progress at the human level in the human context. We need to understand what constitutes real wealth and prosperity and what it is that truly promotes human well being. We need to develop a consensus on the purpose of development beyond the senseless economic growth in a finite world. We need to develop and agree on a new and rational development paradigm."

So think about this.. what does happiness mean and are you contributing or are you just being another of the greedy takers.

Speaking personally I will be happy if I get to neutral. But I have a long way to go


And thanks to the Sabah Women blog for the superb image.

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