06 September 2011

BA + IB = Devalued Points? Yup You Bet!

Oh Dear.

This doesnt seem to be my week. Those once great deals on BA - and such wonderful things like cheap single partner awards. They look like going and going fast. November to be exact.

While the announcement by BA of Avios as the merged name of its frequent flyer program - there was bound to be something of an "adjustment". Well get ready folks. Some are predicting that the change will be catastrophic. In one case the alignment takes BA from the nice and friendly 240,000 for a RT pacific 1st class to the astronomic 720,000 same level as Qantas has been charging.

And it doesn't stop there. BA will actually be increasing the somewhat less than acceptable charges that will have to be paid. In many cases BA has been charging higher fees (the infamous QR/YQ merged charges) which make its FF flights cost about $100-$200 more than a US airline for the same itineraries. Interestingly there is no evidence that BA actually pays more in fuel or taxes than these same airlines.

So to make you even more unhappy - read this links from different sites on the same topic

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It is worthwhile to read these stories. Bah Humbug BA!!!


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