12 September 2011

Just a Quick Reminder On Comments

Dear Readers, Browsers and Commenters

This is a request and an urging on behaviour on this blog.

Please do not post commercial comments or ask me to evaluate websites or products.

My policy is very clear. If you post a comment with a URL or link that you have not expressly asked my permission to include in a comment then it will be automatically deleted.

If you want me to look at something - then please email me to ProfessorSabena@gmail.com

Thank you for reading our blog.


The Professor and the Gang


Claudio said...

Hello Professor,
I have not seen those commercial comments (thank you for removing them, BTW) but since I have several blogs and forums, I have to guess your request will fall on deaf ears: those comments you are blocking are added either by spam robots, which are not interested in rules and prohibition, and by professional form fillers, who are paid for each form they fill on ANY website. In your case, probably you only have the latter, since the capcha should stop robots. But this will not help: "please" does not work, in some cases...

They won't stop. Sorry.

Rajasthan Tours Operator said...

thanku very much for the advice