26 March 2009

Project Hawkeye Launches Open Source

So here it is the first OpenSource GDS interaction system.

I have to chose my words carefully following my post on the Death of the GDS. Project Hawkeye is a departure from the old model of standardized closed systems into a brave new world of OpenSource, warts and all.


I have now sat through several presentations on Hawkeye, I have worked with it since it was released and I can truly say it is very different. It brings in many new capabilities that will please both Suppliers and Users. As it shares the same infrastructure for the Farelogix middleware platform, it means that user interaction can now be supported by green screen as well as GUI services side by side and interoperable.

From my personal perspective this is what should have been launched years ago. With the growth of disparate content, an integration strategy is essential. No matter which side of the distribution fence you sit, we all live in a disparate and fragmented world. Never mind the functionality - which is truly revolutionary - this is the next gen wave. I am confident that this sets the standard for others to follow.

For Airlines the benefits are obvious, the ability to add merchandising functions via fare families or individual components. For the sales environment - the ability to bring together multiple and fragmented content has to be a boon. This is a win win for everyone.

And just so you understand, I am a huge fan of this form of openness. We have already deployed the core platform for one of our clients in EMEA, and they are deploying a customized supported version of Project Hawkeye which will be available soon.

Welcome to the brave new world. Seems like it is arriving a little faster than we all thought. Perhaps they should have called it Wendys instead! (Just a little joke for Americans).


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