30 August 2009

So Let's Look Deep Into Twitter - UPDATE

I have been scouring around looking for a good independent source of information on how Twitter is used.

I finally found one.

Have a look here... it is everything you want to know about Twitter and how people use it.


It is a fascinating look a the world of Twitter. Some interesting results are that a large percentage of stuff is generated by Bots of some sort or another. I suspect that number will rise dramatically over time. Of course as we have seen then there are surrogate Tweeters (people who Tweet on behalf of others) and other what I would term insidious behaviour that not only damages the credibility of the Tweeter but of the whole value of Twitter.

Of course you don't have to agree with me - far from it. But anyone assuming that Twitter will continue to grow and become a force for the future must take into consideration the amount of crap that goes with it.

So I say again - when will someone come up with a value service that lets me control the amount and relevancy of the Tweets that are out there...

Dream on - or maybe not... I am the eternal optimist.

For another look at Twitter - including 40% of mindless babble - look at the white paper from Pear Analytics


Lord help us from the crap!


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