02 September 2009


As a reminder to those people who follow this blog.

I know you are all good intentioned folk. However there does seem to be an element of radicals out there who are determined to pollute the Professor's prognostications.

Posting commercial entreaties IS STRICTLY VERBOTEN. For example to use comments on this website to sell laptops, or "my hotel in India is the best thing since sliced bread."

So please do us all a favour and don't do it. You are wasting your time and more importantly my time. You will be treated as vermin and stomped on.

If you have an article you want me to write about or you wish to contact me - please send me a private email to professorsabena@gmail.com (when it doesn't have outages of course!)

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


Claudio said...

Hello Prof,

It won't work.

The guys you are trying to dissuade from posting unrelated messages are paid for each form they submit after copying and pasting the ad text. They would - and will - post the same ad on as many blogs and forums as possible, regardless of the theme - or even language - of the site visited. Trying to convince them? Lost cause.

Regarding your blog, I read it every day - often more than once, since you sometimes post several articles per day - and find it useful for what I perceive as an independent point of view (more so than self-proclaimed 'experts' in the travels and flights sector). I find it therefore surprising that there are not many comments published. Actually, I believe I have never read a comment in your blog.
Either a) you have a large backlog of comments awaiting your approval, or b) not enough people know about your blog, or c) your readers send you their comments by email, negating others the possibility of an online exchange of ideas.

On more aeronautical matters, now: after SkyEurope's collapse (and Myair before that), which European airlines do you expect to be next?

Regards from S'pore

Professor Sabena said...

Claudio, right on 2 counts. Possibly all of them bar one.

I do not backlog the comments. I have the blog set to automatically publish if I don't moderate in a set time (usually one day). So I don't allow myself the luxury of letting things sit. I do get a significant set of back channel comments. As you probably have seen I am not a fan of Anon comments either and tend to delete those.

As for people not knowing about my blog. Put that down to a sinister plot by Google. I used to get the stats showing a pretty good and rising readership. Somehow after writing several blogs on Google's power - the Google Powered Blogger stats dropped like a stone. I cannot think why!!! However I do know that this blog is syndicated by the Beat and several other websites.

I do welcome comments provided they are germane to the subject matter.

One thing I can tell you after writing this for now getting on 3 years that I have learned a lot from my readers and I hope to continue writing. I wish that my day job let me do it more consistently. CHEERS!

Claudio said...

Thanks for the quick reply, Professor.
> I wish that my day job
> let me do it more consistently.

Well, I guess our day job is what allows us to afford having a blog in the first place!

I'd like your take on Ryanair's "SkyEurope rescue fare". Not being an airline industry pro, I wonder if Ryanair's offer is misleading: the way Ryanair promotes its fare will lead SkyEurope passengers to believe they will have some sort of priority, when it comes to purchasing tickets for the routes specified. Alas, such priority does not exist: I had many MyAir passengers livid, on my website's forum, when Ryanair offered a similar "rescue fare" after the red-and-green Italian low cost collapsed in July 2009.
Sorry, this is quite an OT, given the theme of your blog post.

Claudio said...

Professor Sabena,
Forget my previous comment on Ryanair.
Apparently, this time they are enforcing a strict "SkyEurope passengers-only" policy on their rescue fare, which is quite different from what they did in the Myair rescue fare fiasco. Learning from past mistakes, how unusual!