03 September 2009

Southwest's Social Media Efforts Good or?

Today, at the invitation of Professor Addison - I participated in a podcast reviewing WN's effort's in the Social Media space with the new Travel Guide service.

To listen to the podcast check out this link and see if you like it.

I believe that if anyone can do it WN can. But it comes with its pitfalls.

So come listen to the Professor with his usual Curmudgeon view on some of these efforts.

Agree with me or not - this is definitely a 1.0 version. If it makes it to a reasonable delivery of a 2.0 version then I have promised Addison I would pay for his EarlyBird boarding. And I get a word in on what I think about the product too!

So at the risk of being a dart board target for the WN PR folks - see if you agree with me or not.


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