25 March 2010

S1451 - Less the HR915 But Still With Interesting Quirks


These are the Senate and the House bills for the FAA Authorization for the next 2 years. For Travel there are a mountain of things in here. In the House version for example there was a provision that would have sunset anti trust immunity for Airline Alliances. And a provision that would have given extra powers to Flight Attendants. The Senate version passed this week (23 March) and now goes for conference with the House version that passed way back last May 2009.

One interesting amendment to the bill would require the airlines to offer an opt in option of having flight delays provided to users by text or email.

However what is interesting to me - given my current interest in Ancillary Revenues is the requirement as outlined in an Amendment by Sen Menendez the Junior Senator from New Jersey which would require full disclosure on fees.

This disclosure requirement would create of course more bureaucracy for everyone. But doesn't the government just love that anyway.

So stay tuned - this bill is due for its final reconciliation next month.

We shall be watching!


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