10 August 2010

WSJ Gets Its Headline Wrong - Google Agonized Over Privacy, But Obviously Not For Long

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It agonizes no more....

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting piece on Google agonizing over the use of its treasure trove of data on what we all do in the Googlesphere. The headline reads:

Google Agonizes on Privacy as Ad World Vaults Ahead

Well boys and girls - clearly it worries no more.

But time for you to do some homework dear reader.

Go to the WSJ and check out the story. Also click on the link for interactive is you want to see the continuing and mushroom cloud growth of the Googlesphere.

Now I could not find the actual doc - I am sure it will show up soon enough - but here are the extracts.

So given the piece I did yesterday - I would suspect that now would be the time to be somewhat - make that a lot - afraid of the power of the Google Blob.

For all of us we have to get a handle on the difference between privacy (and abuse thereof) and personalization. Its a fine and difficult line to draw.


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