11 November 2010

Ok Google Acolytes - have You been Good? Then Here is 10%

Although not quite as good as the Emirates bonus scheme (it was a LOT of weeks salary) Google has decided to give all its full time staff a 10% raise.

Nothing like upping the stakes a bit with every one else.

So even if they have been BAD Google henchmen - it does not matter - everyone got the AT LEAST 10% raise including those naughty people at StreetView. AND many got a nice 1000 dollar bonus. Hmmm I wonder what Big Eric got? A new Gulfstream perhaps?

Interestingly - Google has decided to co-opt the term Googleplex for its own purposes. So if you want to so wonderful videos about how great they are.. go here

They are becoming scarier and scarier....


1 comment:

Andrew said...

Everybody got a raise except for the leaker, he got fired.

BTW all the videos linked by The Professor are hushed.