01 October 2011

Twitter Misses Ad Targets - But Outlook Bullish

So Twitter is still struggling to get its revenue model off the ground but it is making headway. In the early days of Twitter I was highly critical of the value of the service. Now that it has matured and we have tools and processes to weed out the Twitterhea - I think the business is a useful tool.

eMarketer is reporting that their initial revenue projections for 2011 will be missed. However they remain upbeat on the future

Check out the article for a full analysis on where Twitter's revenue is going. Twitter has no where near the revenue potential of Facebook. And actually not getting spammed is one of the nice things about Twitter.

In my view - I believe that there is plenty of opportunity to MAKE money via the Twitter platform. Indeed way more than can be had through the restrictive practices of the big 3 F.A.G. gatekeepers.

That indeed counts for something


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