25 December 2011

The New Top 10 Secular Season Songs

Since we are not allowed to use the "C" word in our new politically correct world, a whole new crop of seasonal songs have come out. Adapting classic favorites and launching Yuletide cheer for all Geeks and their families everywhere
White FacebookMark “Bing” Zuckerberg
The perrenial favorite from the movie of the same name

The Google SongThe Acolytes
The lovable rascal animated characters in their season stomping romp.
Rudolph, the Windows 8 Reindeer – Steve Gene Balmer
A newcomer to the chart, Steve's song delights children everywhere

I saw Mommy kissing Larry EllisonWeird Al Yankovic
While the thought might be repugnant to many - Weird Al makes it feel oh so PC.

The Timeline SongTime’s Awasting
Another newcomer to the chart, Nat Zuch Cole's old favorite replaces many useless songs.

Googleplex RockSergey and Larry
Those real hipsters Sergey and Larry deck the halls

Snoopy’s iPod (soon to be re-released as Snoopy’s iPhone) - Steve Jobs
Sadly Steve did not live to see his own creation become a timeless season's classic
Here Come’s iPad ClawsTim Cook and the SFGMC
This not terribly dynamic song just creeps up and grips you
Little Mapper BoyVisteon vs Garmin
Two warring factions put aside their differences and tell a solid tale in song

Rockin’ Around The HP TreeMeg “Brenda” Whitman
The base maybe a little shakey but Meg and the boys are putting on a revival.

And to all - a GOOD NIGHT

Happy Holidays!

Thanks to Jay Allbritton for his image.

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