20 December 2010

The Inevitable March of The Tablet

It seems that the tablet is beginning to become that ubiquitous tool that seems to be what people are going to use - a lot of.

I was an early adopter of the Windows XP Tablet. I loved its ability to do things that I could not do - nor could others - before. Despite cracking a few of them - I still use two of my Toshibas (I had 3). They were 2 heavy and didn't like using your fingers.

The iPad v1.0 is becoming like that. I see it everywhere. I have played with one and could easily master its use. V4.02 of the OS made a huge difference for the usability of the system.

A good article in the LA Times and syndicated in places like my local paper the Seattle Times discussed how Apple has taken the Crackberry and made it priority number one as their obstacle into the Corporate World.

The latest projections of WorldWide sales of iPads is really a scary number. Especially with Apple projected to capture nearly 70% of all tablet sales by 2012.

Are we doomed???

I hope not - but I am saving my pennies for April when the iPad2 comes out. Wait - did I just admit to that... (Que sound of humble pie eating).


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John S said...

I remain a humble yet committed PC user in the face of growing evidence (especially from my graphic designer daughter) that Apple continues to be the far superior and more expensive product. I suspect we'll all be working off our Tablets soon enough, including late adopters who pioneered the PC world.